Monday, May 22, 2023

Stop Chasing Process Glory

 I’m so busy.

You’re so busy.

We’re all so busy.

Doing. Stuff.

We revel in the glow of sharing how much time we have to devote to…well…everything. Here’s the problem with focusing on the process: burying ourselves in the process and not the outcome is the perfect formula to erode your credibility.

“No one should be process rich and outcome poor.”

There are some voices that advocate we should all “trust the process” as a strategy for success. Certainly we all need to have a plan and execute that plan. However, if the desired outcome is never achieved, that effort has been (mostly) wasted.

Controversial view? Maybe. But think about how you’ll sound explaining that you were so committed to the process that you didn’t achieve anything.

Being busy doesn’t sound quite as important any longer, does it?

Thanks for being here.



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