Monday, August 29, 2022


Having it all together…that’s the goal, right? Looking like each of the exciting pieces of our lives fit perfectly together to portray the ideal vision of “how it should be done.”

Yeah, that’s not my life. 

Sure, I am blessed and can do some fun things. But to say “I have it all together” would be a stretch.

When I was younger…I didn’t know about the term imposter syndrome. I’m not entirely sure when it became a thing…however…it’s a real thing.

When I was early in my career…and suddenly found myself in roles that had significant authority I wondered (privately) if I was supposed to be there.

When I received one of my first major promotions…and was now the final word on HR matters at my organization I thought to myself “I don’t know what to do sometimes…what if everyone finds out?”

When my personal relationships flourished…and then failed I wondered if perhaps I was the problem and was destined for a full life…albeit one that was going to be a solo endeavor.

It all left me a bit rattled to say the least.

Now…I’m more in touch with who I am…with my strengths (I deserve to be here)…and who I need in my personal life.

Life is full of so much self-inflicted doubt and pain. I’m thankful that I’ve started to turn the corner and find my way.

Where are you in your journey?

Thanks for being here.


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