Monday, August 8, 2022

Take the Risk

I love this phrase. “Take the risk.”

It can apply to so many situations in our lives: careers, relationships, vulnerable moments with friends we trust, sharing pain, accepting hard truths and moving on…the list is endless.

When I think about the major career decisions I’ve made this phrase has been the driving force behind each of them. Sometimes it involved believing in myself enough that I went after that new ‘out of reach job’ and landed it. (That’s actually happened a few times.) 

In other circumstances the risk was implementing contemporary approaches to long-standing problems in the workplace. As we all know, it’s far easier to simply accept how things are instead of going head-on into those difficult places and making bold decisions.

It works, by the way.

When have you taken the risk? Did your action clearly demonstrate change for the better? Did you spend a lot of time in meetings talking about how things should be? Perhaps wondered how your life could be different? Or, maybe just got lost in the hectic pace of everyday life and let the opportunities slip away?

Thanks for being here.



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