Monday, November 21, 2022

Life Runs Me

I don’t know about you, but I put an enormous amount of pressure on myself to stay in control.

Of everything.

All the time.

Yeah, that’s not the best option though. Damn it.

I feel better when I convince myself that I’m driving things forward in my life. I’m the one calling the shots. I’m the one who ‘gets it’ and can make all the difference.

Maybe you feel that way sometimes too.

This year I’ve discovered a painful truth. Despite the intensity and energy I bring to my work, personal life, side projects, etc…I’m not always running life. More often than not, life is running me.

Consider it a controlled slide. You know what I mean. Think back to a time you were hiking and your feet found the loose gravel as you made your way down the trail. Off you go…not falling…just sliding…and flailing…awkwardly.

That’s what much of 2022 has felt like for me.

Now, it’s not been all chaos and uncertainty. I’ve made some really big decisions this year in my personal and professional lives. More on that later. 

But that comforting feeling of control, at least for me, has been even more elusive this year. How about for you? On top of things? Have it all figured out? Barely hanging on? I’m always ready to chat if you need to.

Thanks for being here.



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