Monday, November 14, 2022

My Biggest Flex

I’m not sure when this phrase became a thing. I like it though. 

Flexing means effort, sacrifice, consistency, and ultimately results. It’s more that just announcing something, or at least it should be. Flexing means success.

Often ‘biggest flex’ is a simple phrase: “my biggest flex was finally believing in myself.” Okay, sounds good. But what in the world does that mean? You never did before? Maybe. You’ve gone through a rough stretch? Perhaps. You want to join in the biggest flex trend to look cool? No comment.

Biggest flex for me has an entirely different meaning. It speaks to the culmination of years of thinking, working, planning, dreaming, worrying, convincing myself to play it safe, and then ramping that whole self-talk machine up again.

That machine is going full power right now.

It now means a long list of things ranging from mental health awareness, to relationships, to thinking far beyond what I thought I could ever do or be. 

No quickie phrases here. No Instagram ready quotes. No short little life changing tweets.

Something big is on the horizon. 

What’s your biggest flex?

Thanks for being here.



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