Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Big Announcement!

I’m fired up today! It’s time to announce some exciting news. Actually, I have several announcements today. In many ways I can’t believe it’s finally happening…yet here I am!

I am publishing my first book: Unstoppable Power: Leverage Energy, Risks and Relationships and Accelerate Your Leadership Career today! It is a straightforward conversation with leaders whether they are 25, 35, or 55 to help them differentiate themselves, lead effectively and move ahead faster.

Second, I am launching a leadership coaching practice. I am committed to supporting leaders who sincerely want to make a meaningful difference both in their careers and in the organizations they lead.  I have limited capacity for clients as I will continue leading the strategic planning work at IRI Consultants.

Lastly, I am also kicking off my speaking practice. I’m excited to work with a variety of organizations for their corporate meetings, as emcee for conferences or to deliver a keynote address…all events I’ve done in the past and continue to do today!

To order the book…inquire about coaching or speaking opportunities…or just to learn more please check out my new website: JAYKUHNS.COM.

Thank you all for the incredible support you have provided over the years. This new phase of my journey was a long time coming…and I’m ready to go!

Thanks for being here.


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