Monday, March 27, 2023

The Unstoppable Leadership Group!

I’ve been on a bit of a roll lately. Last week I announced my first book Unstoppable Power had been published. The response has been nothing short of incredible, thank you!

Today I want to shine a bright light on another important piece of my professional life. I’ve spent nearly three decades working with leaders at every stage of their careers, and now I have officially launched my leadership coaching and speaking company, Unstoppable Leadership Group. All of the details, contact information and much more can be found over at

Coaching to me is far more than a templated series of conversations or cookie-cutter approaches. My career as a human resources executive and management consultant has centered around meeting leaders exactly where they are, focusing on their specific challenges, goals, pressures, etc…and partnering closely to achieve their success.

I’m excited to continue that work!

The other important piece I want to highlight today is the speaking I’ll be doing. I’ve had the privilege to deliver keynote addresses at large association events, company user-conferences, serve as the emcee for CHRO events, provide half-day workshops and more. I’m looking forward to bringing my high energy approach to corporate and association events in the future!

Why does all of this matter? 

I see far too many leaders struggle to find the path forward to make an impact in their organizations, let alone to accelerate their careers. The burden of leadership has never felt heavier, and it’s time to provide support for the ranks of leadership and get them fired up about the incredible opportunities ahead!

Let’s connect. Let’s explore what your goals are. Let’s discuss how I might bring my high octane speaking style to your next event.

Let’s go!

And, as always, thanks for being here.



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