Monday, November 13, 2023

Building Your Leader Brand in a Cancel Culture

Are you concerned about speaking your mind, sharing your opinion, or standing up for what you believe in due to the current external environment? 

There has always been criticism and healthy debate when we disagree, but things have changed. It’s easier than ever to hide behind a computer screen and attack. Seems like a pretty cowardly approach to me.

Real leaders have a take. They share their opinions, particularly on the sensitive and complex issues facing their organizations. The best leaders have a vision and share it…with everyone. 

Here’s the rub. When leaders are bold (read here: requirement of the job) they are immediately open to attack. The play-it-safe crowd who long for yesteryear “when things were much better” feel tremendous pressure to change. 

Playing it safe = stagnation = death.

Too harsh? Uh, no.

Think about the bold visionary leaders you’ve worked for. Imagine if you were now viewed as that person? What could you do to transform your organization? New thinking? New services? New ways to deliver value at a truly world-class level?

Don’t let the cowards hiding behind their screens get you down.

Be bold.

Share your vision.

Execute, despite the noise and naysayers.

You’ve got this.

Thanks for being here.



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