Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Faith, Work, and Corporate Culture

I spent many years as a human resources executive separating my faith from my work life. 

That was wrong. 

I fell into the politically correct trap that many HR leaders…and other executives…fall into. In an attempt to never offend anyone for any reason at any time under any circumstances, we’ve eliminated what could transform the cultures of our organizations.

Keep in mind that most world religions are grounded in kindness, humility, support for others, and defending those who need help. Those sound like pretty good leadership values to me.

When we sanitize the workplace in an attempt to ensure everyone feels welcome, we inadvertently alienate just about everyone.

And we wonder why the sense of belonging has shifted away from an organizational focus? 

Perhaps it’s the perfect time of year to consider moving away from a sterile workplace, and moving toward one that actually backs up the phrase so many cling to…”our culture is what makes us different.”

Thanks for being here, and Happy New Year.



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