Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Social

Several weeks back Doug Shaw, leader, artist, and an extremely supportive member of my network, offered on his terrific Stop Doing Dumb Things To Customers blog to paint one-of-a-kind post cards while on vacation with his family in France.  Right away you know the type of person Doug is if he's offering to make something special for you while he's on a break.

Well, I couldn't resist signing up and asked if I could be included.  My personalized card arrived in the mail recently and even had a 51st star as a special shout out for me.  Awesome.

Many thanks's been great connecting, and I hope we can connect IRL down the road my friend.  For those that use the excuse that social media takes too much time and isn't worth the effort, they clearly don't understand.  Spending time using social media tools opens doors to new ideas, business strategies, and friendships that literally would never have developed without it.  Who should you reach out to as you wrap up the week?

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

Collector's item hand painted by @dougshaw1


  1. Hi Jay - how kind of you to write this. The painting was a pleasure and remains a learning journey for me as I've decided to carry on practicing.

    I'm biased about the social media thing - and I concur with you. The connections, ideas, friendships and more just blow me away sometimes.

    I reached out to my dad today. He's bought a new laptop and just wanted a hand getting it all set up. Happy to help? You bet!

    Cheers for this post Jay - it's super!

  2. Thanks for touching base Doug. Your idea, and time painting these cards, is a great example for us all. I hope you have a terrific weekend!