Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Keep Pushing the Wheel

Have you ever felt like you're working and working and working but you aren't seeing any results?  Do your days blend together in a way that makes it difficult for you to see an end point any time soon?  Are you falling into the "grass-is-greener" trap?  Before you become too frustrated, or worse yet leave your job on a quest to "find yourself" (the 60s are long gone) take a moment and consider a few things.

Life Isn't Perfect
I like to be organized...on top of things...in control.  Well, as you might expect that hasn't worked out so well for me.  Can any of us really expect things to go our way all the time?  Of course we now know that isn't possible, but many of our colleagues still get frustrated when plans fall apart, the business cycle seems to be stuck in a low point, and we generally start to feel like it must be better somewhere else.  What so many people miss, and what I missed for so long, is that these low points are helping us in so many unexpected ways that we don't realize what is happening.

Get Stronger
Going through difficult circumstances, even so challenging as to make us consider radical moves in our career need to be appreciated.  They need to be embraced for what they bring in terms of strengthening our resolve, building our commitment, and not simply defaulting to a cut-and-run mentality.  How many times have you worked hard, sometimes for months or years, and eventually realized what you had accomplished.  Can't think of an example?  How about landing the job you're in right now.  Did you graduate from school and automatically get your job because you're a "natural born leader?"  Work hard, endure the hassles, and get stronger.

How About You
Are you willing to keep pushing through the difficult times; or, is it easier to stop working and head over to that field down the street?  I heard the grass is very green there.

Keep pushing the wheel friends...do not give up.

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

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