Thursday, October 4, 2012

Love Struck!

Do you love the work you do? Are you someone who looks forward to going to work each day, whether that means commuting to work, or walking down the hall to your home office? Do you get so fired up about new ideas that you can't wait to meet with your team to strategize how to roll them out? Are you...maybe...someone who gets a little too fired up about your job?

Me too.

Work Doesn't Have To Suck
Too many times I hear about employees who are dissatisfied in their work. I'm talking about leaders. The newspapers (that I read on my iPhone) are filled with articles about employee dis-engagement and the coming migration of employees from one employer to another once "the economy gets back on track."

Since when did a good economy equate with high employee engagement?

Mindsets Matter
For me the issues about work are clear. If you expect to make a difference...if you expect to face challenges...if you expect to have will! So I believe it's time for us to wrap our mindsets around reality when it comes to work.

Sometimes work will be terrific; sometimes it will be challenging; and sometimes it will be a pain in the neck.

But that doesn't mean I still won't love what I do. You should love your work too.

How About You
Are you love struck about your work, and how you see yourself contributing? If not, it's time to dig deeper into what work is really all about, and forget those fantasies about no conflicts and every idea you have is approved. Let's keep it real, okay?

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

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