Thursday, September 18, 2014

I'm Starving...Pass the Humble Pie

I've been thinking about how I work lately. Thinking about doing a good job...about making a difference...and then making mistakes that bring me back down to earth. It's an odd series of experiences that seem to happen in rapid succession: great work, bold leadership, progressive strategies...and big stumbles that feel awkward at the least, and are downright embarrassing at the worst.

On A Roll
I've been on a bit of a professional roll lately. My leadership team in HR is fully staffed and doing a terrific job. The energy around the work we're doing to support our organization is spreading; and, the early results indicate we're on to something special.

What sometimes happens (to me) in these moments is that I allow myself to get caught up in the daily action of HR. Yes, action in HR! Who do the leaders in our organizations turn to when the employee relations environment gets too complicated to handle? HR, that's who. We jump in to support our colleagues, provide solutions, and help facilitate very difficult communications on a routine basis.

But sometimes things slip by us when we're caught up in the moment. I don't like it when I let things slip.

Eat That Roll
When those failings happen, which I guess (read here --> hope) happens to us all, what should we do next? 

We've all seen people in our careers who try to place blame on someone else, or at the very least attempt to deflect the full accountability for the mistake away from themselves.

I think that's a lame strategy. If I've stumbled, I should say so, and shift my thinking from being "on a roll" to eating a big 'ol slice of humble pie.

Today, I'm feasting. 

How About You
When you stumble do you run and hide? Or, do you hold yourself accountable and make things right? It's not easy, or comfortable, or appetizing. But sometimes it's the best thing on the leadership menu.

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.


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  1. Dear Jay, we have a saying from my women's leadership program Women Unlimited. Fail Fast. It's exactly what you are describing in your blog. Admit to mistakes, own them and move on. Thanks for the reminder that it happens to the best of us.