Friday, September 12, 2014

The One Thing I Missed

The pace of my life, both personally and professionally, seems to be moving faster than ever. You probably feel the same way too. With technology keeping us connected 24/7 to our work, and perhaps more significantly, the expectation that we will be available non-stop, has us scrambling.

Too Much?

I see a growing number of posts that discuss the need to "unplug" or be "disconnected" for periods of time. 

The rationale being that we will feel better about ourselves and life in general if we "take a break" from the digital world.


But my work gets done in the digital world. My responsibilities, my timely communications with the team, and my ability to coordinate complex issues from long distances requires me to be connected. 

So, when exactly am I supposed to stop doing those things? Too much...for me...feels just right.

Says Who?

Rayanne Thorn and Me
I know there are those who have allowed their devices to take up a disproportionate amount of their time. With so many terrific ways to stay connected, some people end up replacing their real life connections with virtual ones. 

But that's not me. One of the most powerful benefits of connecting in the digital world is when the IRL (in real life) meetings finally happen! Those moments are fantastic, and reinforce the personal connections that the digital world can not replace.

It's unfortunate that the "experts" among us don't take the dialogue further to illustrate the power of the IRL benefits of working in a digital world.

How About You
It turns out the one thing I missed was listening to myself. The well-intended (presumably) messages from the "experts" telling me what I should or shouldn't do don't make much sense. Next time, I won't miss my own gut instinct telling me to stay on track.

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.


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