Tuesday, September 2, 2014


As you look at your task list or calendar each day, what goes through your mind? What emotion hits first? Does your competitive side see a challenge; or, does your heart race as you realize it will be nearly impossible to accomplish all of those items in one day? 


Lately I've been wondering how that first rush of emotion impacts our mindset at work. Is it possible that our style leaves us susceptible to a first impression that will be a derailer on our outlook for two, six, or even twelve hours?

If so, what strategies do you use to counter this load of negativity? Banging your head against the wall may be tempting at this point, but I recommend head-banging for something very different. 


I have three approaches for dealing with work, personal, and often times in-my-head stress that can derail me and put me into a bit of a tailspin. These won't work for everyone, but in my world they have made all the difference.

1. Reach out to my network

This may feel a bit awkward, particularly if you're not calling to "talk shop." We can all slip into the "work is stressful can you believe what she said in the office" discussion. I'm talking about opening up...being vulnerable...and letting your network actually offer some perspective.

It's powerful. It's important. It works for me.

2. Workout like a beast

Okay, I realize not everyone is into getting fit. That's okay...life is about choices. For me I need to workout to stay sane. I'm not embellishing here. Exercise has become such an important part of my mental health that I can not go more than a day without it.

It's powerful. It's important. It works for me.

3. Find the music that brings me peace of mind and play it every day 

I don't know too many folks who do not enjoy music. Check out the #HRMusicshare hashtag and you'll find all sorts of people sharing the music that is helping them get through the day. My personal tastes are at the fast and heavy end of the musical spectrum. So what?

It's powerful. It's important. It works for me. 


How do you react when the day ahead looks like a train coming straight for you? Do you give up before you even get started...accepting failure as part of the routine? Or, do you make an intentional decision to do something that works for you?

Rock on friends!

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.


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