Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I Am A Viking (Recruiter)

"Wake early
if you want
another man's life or land.
No lamb
for the lazy wolf.
No battle's won in bed."
The Havamal

I think the Vikings would have made excellent recruiters. Seriously. They were fearless, powered their way into unknown territories, went after what they wanted, and got the job done. This model gives new meaning to the term headhunter, don't you think?

When recruiters begin their work today, do they focus on their target candidates? Sure, they say they do, but we've all seen varying definitions of "focus." Without a plan to get those candidates the results can seem haphazard and chaotic. Chaos doesn't work, ever. It doesn't impress your boss, your client, or the candidates you're trying to sell on the opportunity.

Focus is essential...and Vikings had focus.

Cut Throat World
The famously over used phrase - the war for talent - is iconic for a reason. It's true. 

If you think you can be pleasant, share the recruitment space with everyone, and sing songs around the camp fire at the end of a win-win day you've been beaten.

Aggressive approaches result in success. Showing no mercy in your work and getting your clients the absolute best talent is the end game. 

Throwing your hands up in frustration is lame. Claiming you don't have time to learn social media because you're too busy recruiting makes you sound like you're so out of touch that I'm embarrassed for you. The modern recruiter must keep pace with how the world works today.

Focus. Sense of urgency. Get it done.

Vikings didn't show mercy...they used every weapon at their disposal to win.

How About You
Are you feeling comfortable lamenting how "tough it is out there" to find the talent for your organization? Do you hear yourself saying "once things slow down I'll have time for that?"

Just stop. Please. The world-of-work-train has left the station...and you're not on it.

It's time to grab a helmet with two big horns coming out of it and get to work.

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

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