Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Piece By Piece

The world of recruitment marketing is flooded with good ideas and little execution, particularly in the healthcare industry. I don't know of any hospital that claims to be anything less than "world class, providing high quality care, with a great team of dedicated and skilled staff."

Really? How original. I'm sure that has the talent they need flocking to their static and never updated career site.

Talking about your employer brand (as if talking equated with executing a strategy) and actually building your employer brand are two radically different subjects. One of the things I absolutely love about my job is that we help companies move from a place where they have little or no expertise, to launching incredibly robust talent acquisition strategies that transform their organizations.

Yes, I said it. We do that, and most places don't.

Rome Wasn't Built In A Day
One of the misconceptions about employer brand is that it is something that you decide to have, and then - poof!- you have one!

Um, not exactly.

Hospitals are famous for this approach. Their institutional pride is often so strong, that senior leaders are baffled that applicants are not racing to the human resources office simply because their hospital exists.

"If you build it" has nothing to do with "anyone coming" to work there.

Strong talent communities are based on employer brands that are invested in, thoughtfully developed, and consistently nurtured over a period of time. There are no quick decisions that suddenly make you special. Hard work and effective execution make you special.

See the difference?

One Piece At A Time
Building a content rich strategy that dives deep into the organization, highlights real members of the team, and consistently pushes fresh content across multiple social channels is the key to success.

Don't believe me? Take a break and check out your hospital careers page right now. I'll wait. You don't have much to look at so I'll see you in 5 seconds.

Do you think you're too important, or busy, or experienced to embrace a content rich strategy? I hope not, because every single person you or I will ever hire again is on some sort of social channel, and social is all about content.

So tell me again why you don't think committing to a comprehensive employer brand strategy is worthwhile?

How About You
It's time to move from talking to action. You know your hospital is loaded with amazing stories. You just need help getting them out to the world so the talent problem you have today, will be your strength tomorrow.

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

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