Monday, January 23, 2023

Endings and Beginnings

Getting ahead. 
Taking that next promotion. 
Leading a new strategic initiative. 
Moving on from one organization to join a new one. 
Taking a career risk that works out.

Leadership is a wild ride. Just when we think we have things figured out something or someone changes the dynamic. It can be exciting, frustrating, difficult or challenging. Often, simultaneously.

It feels as if life is nothing but a series of endings and beginnings. 

Freshman year to Senior year.
First job to leadership job.
New relationship to committed exclusive partners.

How do you cope with this ever changing cycle? We all live it, yet successfully navigating these waters is tough. At least it is for me.

My lessons learned have made a huge difference in how I move through this cycle of change. At some point it became a bit of a thrill, quite honestly I want to experience the ride. Not knowing exactly how things are going to work out; yet, still diving in and going for it. 

Is that how you do it too?

Maybe I’m a career-adrenaline junkie?

Perhaps my energy levels naturally push me to go beyond my limits to see what kind of difference I can make?

Whatever it is for me, I’d love to hear how you manage…or avoid…life’s cycle of endings and beginnings.

Thanks for being here.


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