Monday, January 9, 2023

Strong Cultures…AND…

I talk with a lot of large employers across the country. We discuss their people challenges: turnover, dissatisfaction, engagement, communication, external threats, and inevitably…their ‘strong culture.’

Strong culture. I hear that phrase a lot. And I suspect that it’s mostly true.

Here’s the problem with relying on your strong culture…the world of work has turned upside down in the last couple of years. Employees not only think about work differently; they believe work is different now. Not that it’s changing, but that it has already changed. 

Most employers have not caught up to where their employees are, and the corresponding result of vacancies, employee activism, and external threats seem to have leaders baffled.

How is it possible that we’re still wondering why people “don’t want to go to work” or that “we just don’t understand what’s going on?” Seriously? We are the ones who are supposed to be leading the way, not throwing our hands up in disbelief.

I bet you believe your organization can rely on it’s strong culture too, right?

Here’s the new reality. Many organization have strong cultures…AND…their employees are thinking differently all at the same time. You can no longer rely on your corporate history to save the day. That’s like saying you want me to fax you something.

Today’s savvy leaders leverage their culture and they push themselves out of their corporate comfort zone and adopt contemporary approaches to communication, employee engagement, and digital strategies. The best of the best challenge themselves to not only think differently, but to lead differently. 

That’s a scary proposition particularly if you’ve been a successful leader for a long time. However, if you don’t pivot to blend your culture and the new world of work, you won’t have the privilege of leading much longer.

In my opinion it’s one of the most exciting times to be in a leadership role. There is no longer a business as usual rhythm to the work day. It’s wide open! New ideas, new thinking, new technologies and new behaviors will all play a role in how you drive your organization forward.

That sounds pretty awesome to me.

Thanks for being here.



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