Monday, April 15, 2024

Majoring in the Minors

I coached youth hockey for a number of years, and one of the most challenging issues was educating the boys on not only working hard, but working hard on the most difficult things.

Quick example…battling it out with a player from the opposite team, but avoiding areas of the ice that may be more difficult (and in this case, physically punishing) were often avoided. Yet, it looked as if our player was working really hard.

The same challenge is ever present for leaders today. Pouring hours and hours into menial administrative tasks, taking endless meetings that don’t add real value, and wasting time doing the same things over and over again instead of advancing bold new ideas is simply deadly.

It looks like they’re busy…sadly, they are simply serving as an anchor holding the organization in place instead of allowing it to flourish.

Who in your organization is driving the AI conversation?

Who is addressing the new expectations of your workforce?

Who is thinking differently about how to attract world-class talent to your company?

Who is the creative one tackling new regulatory pressure?

Hopefully that person is you.

Thanks for being here.



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