Tuesday, April 23, 2024

The Negative Impact of ‘Should’

I’m part of a small group bible study that meets each week. Recently we had a discussion on the word ‘should.’

You should do this…

You should do that…

I should have been better…

I should have thought it through…

I should…You should…We should…

That’s a lot of self-talk harm if you ask me. 

Why do we do this to ourselves? Have we all been brainwashed to we believe we are constantly supposed to better at everything? And, God forbid if we’re actually human every once in a while and aren’t perfect, are we supposed to beat ourselves up over it?

This is a new definition of insanity.

Speaking just for me…I put a tremendous amount of pressure on myself normally. Realizing that I’m adding additional pressure because “I’m supposed to be” even better all the time sounds like I’ve crossed the line from a highly driven person to one who has lost his way?

Where are you with your list of ‘shoulds?’

My small group talked through a variety of options…I’d love to hear yours?

Thanks for being here.



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