Monday, June 27, 2016

Hand Me My AR-15, the British Are Coming...Oh, Wait

The gun control issue is so polarizing in the United States, that I almost decided against sharing this post. However, judging from the flood of comments I received when I hinted at writing on this topic, it speaks to the need for the dialogue to continue.

This is not a comprehensive policy proposal; rather, it is a message about one component of the bizarre place we find ourselves in...regardless of which side of the "debate" you fall.


I am pro-gun ownership. 

Let me make that crystal clear. I am pro-gun ownership.

From target practice, to hunting, to feeding one's family or to protection in extreme circumstances, guns are a valuable part of our society.

Our forefathers sent a powerful message about guns and freedom as well...IN 1776!

In Case You Missed It, We Won the Revolutionary War
The message the Founding Fathers sent to all Americans was that we could fight real tyranny (think King George III...aka a foreign power occupying America) and gain our independence. The bravery of those patriots, both men and women is absolutely astonishing. 

But the world is a very different place today than it was in colonial times. Our government (regardless of how much the crazies want to claim that it will happen) is not going to turn America into a police state and invade our homes.

It's not going please stop talking about defending yourself from...ourselves.

Machine Guns Are For The Armed Forces
One of the things that surprises me most about the gun control debate (if you can call the choke hold the NRA has on Congress a "debate") is the belief that ordinary citizens need high powered machine guns.

Seriously? It would be funny if it wasn't so pathetically embarrassing for those that believe we need that sort of firepower laying around our homes. 

Before any of you head out to do a drive-by and exert your Second Amendment rights, check out this and this or this from the New York Times. Guess what? We're number one in the world! 

In gun deaths. Please save the "guns don't kill people excuse"...the other civilized nations of the world don't have the guns we do, and shockingly they have far fewer deaths.

Coincidence? Um, of course not.

How About You
Do you think our forefathers would have been excited to have each and every farmer load up with a row of cannon outside their barns? 

The rabid gun advocates should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. 

Although, I feel sorry for them. They have lost their way...they actually believe we have "control" over the millions of guns in America, and it's just an enforcement issue. 

I wonder who they trust to "control" things, or at least have a meaningful discussion about the many layers of this issue? It appears, no discussion is the preferred option.


What do you think?

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.



  1. When discussing a topic as important and polarizing as gun control, it takes a skilled and unbiased communicator to make a difference. You're obviously extremely biased and are either unable to encourage open dialogue on a given subject, or you're catering to drama. Just what our society and work places need; more drama. Taking you seriously after reading this is impossible.

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  3. I think, we should not guns ownership. Owning a gun can protect themselves but can also cause injuries to others.