Wednesday, June 22, 2016


There is a unique responsibility that comes with a leadership job. It's more than just representing your company well, and working hard (much of it behind the scenes that most simply can not appreciate.) 

It's a responsibility that has to do with how we treat people. I know that sounds like an overused phrase, except there's a catch.

Many leaders...formal and informal alike...treat their colleagues and team members quite wretchedly

Yes Sir, Yes Ma'am, Yes Sir, Yes Ma'am
Before you completely dismiss this post, consider those around you. Think about the team members who are keeping their heads down...who are remaining quiet...who seem reserved "all of a sudden" or are quick to agree with everything the "leader" has to say.

Maybe there is something happening that you're not aware of yet.

It seems that something odd happens when people are offered the privilege to serve in a leadership role. They suddenly lose the perspective they once had when they were starting their careers, and now believe they can act without any consequences. 

That is a flawed assumption.

The Most Important Thing
It turns out that the most important thing that happens in any organization comes down to how the leaders treat the people. Whether it is employees, volunteers, vendor partners, interns or students shadowing as part of their academic curriculum, the people are the number one priority.

After many years in human resources leadership mired in policy and procedure manuals, I have learned a couple of very important things:
- people matter
- our job as leaders is to encourage, support, mentor and develop
- our ultimate goal should be for our people to soar

How About You
If I were to ask the people who interact with you everyday, would they tell me that you help them soar? Or, might I hear something different?

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.


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