Wednesday, June 15, 2016

There's Something About Power

It seems to me there is a direct correlation between the amount of power one has and their ability to think clearly. 

Yes, I said it. The more power we have, the less tuned in to reality we are. You can't argue, because quite frankly your primary rationale for arguing is to justify your continued level of power.

Mmmmm....power. It feels good.

Why is that when someone moves into a formal position of authority they equate that with their own brilliance? Quite the opposite is actually occurring. Good leaders are the ones that recognize the enormity of the responsibility before them, and quickly build the most effective team of bright minds around them. 

"I don't need to come up with the best ideas. I need to implement the best ideas."
- Jay Kuhns
I fear for those organizations that have leaders who believe they are the smartest people on the team. How many new and innovative opportunities to grow the company, build the culture, and achieve breakthrough performance are lost simply because an arrogant leader believes he or she "has it all figured out?"

Real Power
There is an old, and incredibly accurate phrase that basically says...the more power that you give away...the more power you receive.

I can personally attest to this being true. I can also tell you it used to be extremely difficult for me to give away any power. I knew what needed to be done! I could do it myself very quickly! I knew my path to the endpoint was the best path!

Until I realized I really did work with a bunch of bright people who had different (and better!) ideas on how we could reach our shared goals.

It is a very good thing indeed that I have an appetite for humble pie.

How About You
How do you navigate your personal power trip? Does everyone on your team know that you are the boss with the best ideas? Or, are you the leader that everyone wants to work for?

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

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