Monday, June 6, 2016

The Power of Time

I received a healthy dose of "don't forget what you can do Jay" from a member of the team during a call last week. I had decided to forgo an extra night at a hotel to save my company a few bucks. But... 

...I was reminded that time is more valuable than money.

Making It
Despite the never ending stream of "I'm so busy" comments that we hear all day, it is really not about our work, or responsibilities, or life that gets in the way. It is our unwillingness to make time. Have you ever heard this phrase before?

"Where does the time go?"

Of course we all have a full plate, that's not what I"m talking about. It is the choice to protect time, schedule literally make time to get important things done.

Sharing It
One of the most important things leaders can do is share their time with the people around them. Yes, the people that help make them, and the company, successful. Sharing our time is not a one way communication. I often receive as much as I give when I connect with our team. in...every time.

Not only does sharing time help with the fundamentals like communication, building internal communities, and living the values of the company. It also reinforces the influence leaders have in their organizations.

Think about the early days of your career. Did it matter if a senior executive took time to connect with you. Not because they had to....but because they genuinely wanted to?

It sure did for me.

There is another reason it is important to invest your time in the people you work with, and it is quite obvious. We all talk about how important our people are to our businesses. When we connect with our people, we are connecting with the lifeblood of our companies too.

Are you with me?

How About You
The old adage that time is money is true. But it is far more important than dollars and cents. How we prioritize our time speaks volumes about whether we back up our executive-speak or not. So, how will you spend your time today?

Thanks for the reminder Julie.

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.


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