Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Social Media Tool: Introducing HRoverload

How much social media is too much?  Answer => there can never be enough!  So, today I'm excited to announce the launch of HRoverload. It's a new social media app that forces you to to connect with every person you are already connected with; except that it's on a great new platform that allows you to organize all of your connections in a special secret way.

I'm sure this is going to take off...really...I'm serious.  Well...maybe not.  But next week I'm launching HRminus.  It's gonna be great.  Who's in?

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

pic courtesy of gryphon


  1. lol..hahaha...love it, i wonna buy stock. In fact can I be CHRO of HRminus?

  2. This reminds me of my recent anti-Apple strategy: I'm going to go into a Apple store and ask for the "I-Won't" and see how much interest I can generate from people who have to have the next I-Thing.

    Back to your topic: I'm overloaded right now and can't think of a good reason to get excited by Google+. I want to be excited so I use it. I just can't say, I won't.

    I'm such a tool.

  3. Thanks for comments fellas. I don't have an ax to grind...just having some fun!