Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Deciding to Win

Consider your situation right now...personally or professionally. 

Have you achieved your goals? 
Are you hustling with a company that you love? 
Have you found a sense of inner peace...with all of the successes and failures and near-misses and disappoints and noise that are part of "peace?"

Hoping to Win
It's funny how our early dreams of future lives...filled with hope for personal satisfaction and professional success...somehow never seem to get to an end point. It's as if we can...never...quite...get...there...regardless of how hard we (have convinced ourselves that we continue to) try.

There is a tired, but accurate phrase, that says 'hope is not a strategy.' However, it appears to be one of the most common forms of self-evaluation, self-esteem, and overall measure of one's worth.

I vote that we use hope as part of our thinking, but pursue a different path when it comes to actually getting things accomplished.
Deciding to Win
Now consider your situation again, but this time let's use a different lens. One that is not based on workplace hustle, personal bliss, or finding the perfect job. Instead, let's take an inventory of what you have accomplished over the last couple of years.

What bold moves have you made in your career?

How does it feel to be on the other side of major life decisions that caused so much stress, but are now behind you?

What else is different now, but you were in such a hurry to focus on the next thing that you've forgotten how much of a difference you've made?
How About You
As it turns out, winning is not a place, or title, or partner. Winning is what you decide it is. So, will it be the endless pursuit of...pursuing? Or, will winning be something entirely different for you?

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Too Fast for Love?

Two years.

It's hard to believe. Two years filled with action, risk, bold moves, incredible support and success. Two years with a group of people who are committed to doing things differently than everyone else. Two years of being part of a leadership team that understands how the contemporary world of work is supposed to operate.

Two years at Kinetix for me, as of today.

Bold Is Where We Live
I'm not kidding. Bold is exactly where we live. 

In fact, we use it as a repellent for those companies that think they want to work with us, but have such weak leadership we actually try to drive them away before we waste our collective time.

That's not just bold, that's bad ass.

Too Fast
As I've reflected on my own bold move to leave my VP of Human Resources role after so many years, one thing is clear about that decision...

Nailed it.

My life is faster than ever...the pace of change is faster than ever...the needs of our clients are more complex than ever...

Fast is where I live...and I love it.

How About You
Do you think work is too fast for you to love? Think again. Fast is not only how the world operates...it's how effective leaders "get it done." After all, it can't just be about the process, right? Results matter.

I'm blessed...and I'm fired up to keep pushing. The faster the better.

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Making Payment

"The important thing is this: to be ready at any moment to sacrifice what you are, for what you could become." 

It seems to me the world is filled with a sense of entitlement. It's not just the wave of younger employees in our organizations that desire some sort of reasonable balance in their lives (oh, the horror!) And, it is certainly not just the old guard that feels like they've paid their dues and for some reason need to do less simply because they've been breathing longer (give me a break...)

While both groups are well-intended, they have missed the mark.

Words and Effort
As a leader for many years I have learned to quickly see the difference between someone (regardless of age) who talks about their work, and the ones who do the work. While you may be thinking to yourself that this is a simple task, you might want to consider the variable of motivation.

Sure, true slackers are easy to see. Yet other productive members of the team may say they aspire to bigger and better roles with expanded responsibilities; yet, their effort does not reflect their intention.

They simply can not, or will not, make the payments necessary to earn that opportunity. 

Often times the only thing holding them back is the view they have through their own narrow lens. It's such a shame. As we know, feedback, particularly thoughtful, direct, constructive feedback is essential to moving past our own self-talk about leadership behavior, and opening our eyes to the larger world in which we desire to lead.

How About You
Are you willing to truly listen...and make your payments...as you push your career forward? 

Once you process the fact that humility is an essential part of leadership, you will be astounded at what comes next.

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New You? No Chance, Right?

This is not a New Year's resolutions post. Here's why...I don't think you're going to keep any of yours. January 1st has nothing to do with changing your life.

I'd rather talk about a hardcore commitment story. It's about someone who struggled with weight, self-control, their career, and self-esteem.

Until that someone decided to completely commit to a new life.

Early Excuses
In the beginning it wasn't hard to justify the behavior. When you're young you can bounce back from bad food choices, lack of exercise, and being undisciplined at work. The excuses come easy, and there is always 'plenty of time' to get back on track.

Along with the excuses came professional highs and low, and a waist line that seemed to follow. At some points reasonably fit...and at others...well...not so much.

Manic Excuses
As the realities of getting a bit older set in, the hyper-focus on fitness took control (in a bad way.) The workouts, without regard for injury or fatigue, became the norm. So did the pain from overuse injuries. Again and again and again.

As the self-esteem went down...the weight went back up.

Surely this must be bad luck! Or life's cruel twist? But there was more to come. 

One day, most unexpectedly, a phone call came through describing a dire situation. Not soon after, the Father was gone at 61. This was a devastating loss which sent this cycle into overdrive. Food, excuses, training, injury, low self-esteem.


How About You
I'm happy to report this person is doing extremely well today. A complete and total commitment to a new way of living was not just necessary, but required.

The focus on eating clean, training hard, a disciplined approach to work, and respecting the limits of what one's body can handle (usually) are now part of a consistent and high energy approach to life.

In short, I'm doing better than I have in years.

So, as you look forward, regardless of the date on the calendar, I hope you too will find the balance, discipline, and drive to dominate every part of your life. I believe in myself now...and I believe in you too.

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.


Thursday, December 29, 2016

What Really Matters

There are two things in life that clearly demonstrate our priorities, values, and commitments; despite our endless talk, arm flailing, and sometimes bombastic speeches about accountability and strategy in fancy conference rooms.

Regardless of what we say, wish, or believe that we are doing, our calendars are one of the most powerful sources of truth about our lives. They show what we've decided was important.

Maybe it's extra hours at work (that sometimes includes a long commute); extra time at home to complete work tasks; time with family; hobbies; time to exercise; or simply time to read, relax and decompress from a high impact world.

Whatever it is that you do...your calendar is the one place you can reflect on and learn about what you do...not necessarily what you say you will do.

The other great equalizer in our lives is the record of how we spend our money. That history reflects what is important to us. Sure, we all have bills to pay; however, our money trail often tells a much more insightful story.

Usually, not every penny is only spent on bills. So where do the other few dollars slip away too? Hmmm...a telling story awaits if one is only to do a little digging.

How About You
What priorities do you have for your time and resources? Will they be well spent? Perhaps documenting what you think really matters and then comparing that list to your reality is a good place to start?

Or, are you simply too busy to worry about such things?

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Who is the negative disruptive force in your organization? You know the one...they violate every value you have posted on the wall and espouse in new employee orientation. 

Can you picture them?

You're Too Slow
How long did it take for you to see their face in your mind? Three seconds? Maybe, one second?

Why are they still there? How could someone that negative, that you identified so quickly, possibly still be employed with your company?

That makes no sense to me.

You realize your employees know you haven't taken any action...so you're losing credibility while you're reading this post instead of doing your job, right?

Stop reading. Earn your leadership pay. You do more than attend meetings and approve payroll. You have to get into the difficult work of confronting...yes, confronting... behaviors that do not jive with your corporate culture. 

It's not easy. In fact, it can be downright stressful. So what? Your employees, your organization, and candidly, for your own sense of self-respect, you need to get on with it.

Remove them from your organization today.

How About You
Make the decision to step up and build the team you want to have, not that you "inherited." That lame excuse works for six months, then guess what? They are your team.

What are you waiting for?

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.


Thursday, December 22, 2016

"You Don't Do Anything Halfway"

Maybe it's the end of the year. Maybe it's that I'm over-processing a bit too much. Or, maybe I'm just being reflective about all sorts of things...

Regardless...one thing about me is clear. As a friend recently told me..."you don't do anything halfway."

Full Power
So is this post about my character flaws? Ha! Perhaps. Sometimes being in "go-mode" all the time has it's drawbacks. Although candidly, other than occasional bouts of being tired as heck, I have no idea what they might be.

But does "full power" play out in a positive or negative way in the workplace?

Speed Kills...The Competition
One business advantage that I believe to my very core is this: those that are willing to take risks and move quickly will dominate the market place. They won't just be competitive...or "in the game." They will BE the game. In effect, the new standard that others will be forced to follow.

Speed wins. Risk wins. Extroverts win.

Whether that means fighting for talent, positioning their employer brand in the modern (digital) world, or simply making a decision that must be made to move forward.

Halfway...does not achieve anything.

Getting to Full Power
The downside of this personality strength (or flaw?) is the risk of being perceived as the proverbial bull in a china shop. For me, the results far outweigh the risks. The non-stop chatter about getting outside our comfort zones is repeated so frequently because it is true.

Playing it safe...trying to be popular at work..and never moving too quickly so as to avoid making any mistakes actually has the reverse effect. Decisions are not made, action is not taken, the competition outmaneuvers you...and not surprisingly you become quite unpopular.

How About You
Are you still going halfway in your work? Why? Does your company's strategic plan call for a halfway executed approach? Is filling your vacancies halfway sending a good message to your team? If so...you're probably only halfway effective...and halfway popular too.

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.