Monday, September 26, 2022

Constructive Dissent

Our workplaces are divided. You know that, right? Just like the rest of the country, our employees are split as well. Whether it’s 50/50 or 70/30 doesn’t really matter. What does matter however is what we do about it.

The mid-term elections will be upon us soon…and many of you are already being flooded with campaign attack ads. And just as you have your view on political, social, and other issues of the day, your employees do as well.

So, what are you going to do about it?

I’m not advocating that employers “take sides” per se. Some organizations feel strongly about certain issues and have every right to take a public stand. What I’m proposing is another option.

Create a messaging strategy that specifically acknowledges the differences that exist in your workplace, and simultaneously state that those diverse opinions are what make your organization great. Diversity of thought does not mean division. 

Diversity of thought can be leveraged as a powerful tool that builds your corporate culture in a safe, productive and inclusive way.

Saying this is one thing though, executing on an approach like this is far different. What does your internal comms plan look like? How are you engaging with your workforce? Are you using multiple channels? Are you preparing your leaders to confidently articulate your organization’s position…do they have the confidence to have difficult conversations?

Important questions that must be addressed as you develop your strategy.

Some of you may believe that simply remaining silent will keep your employees focused on the work they need to do and introducing this topic will simply create an unnecessary disruption.

Silence from leadership is always a failure. 

What do you think? Is it better to simply sweep the divisions in society under the proverbial corporate rug; or, is it time to leverage those divisions to your advantage?

Thanks for being here.



Monday, September 19, 2022



I thrive on it. I seem to have an endless supply of it, and simultaneously a ravenous appetite for more. Candidly, I sometimes feel that if I’m not in motion I am going to go crazy. Literally.

How is it that at this stage of my journey…I’m 55…that I rarely run out of energy? I’m not bragging here, in fact, the drive to keep moving, training, working out, moving some more can at times be a burden.

Yet here I am…going full speed again today.

There is also a restlessness that comes with it. A sense that I’m not accomplishing enough, not performing at a high enough level, not delivering in the best way possible. So, the energy level raises again and I go harder.

“Energy is what gets things done.” - Joula Thieves

There is more to this story though. That surge of energy that always seems to be flowing in me has powered my professional relationships for years. 

Energy attracts people. 

Energy inspires people to follow. 

Energy can also overwhelm the quiet, reserved thinkers who can’t quite get their message out (even when their message is a good one.)

Energy usually wins…or, at least I think it does.

I have much more to say about energy…that will happen later this year. For now, tell me about the role energy plays in your life?

Thanks for being here.



Monday, September 12, 2022

There’s Goodness Too

I’ve been writing a lot lately about fear, insecurity, emotions and self-doubt. Some of you may be wondering if I’ve slipped into some sort of abyss and can’t find my way out.

Nothing could further from the truth!

2022 has become one of the most incredible years of my life. Yes, massive changes have taken place for me, and more are soon to come (more on that later this year.) A result of those changes has been, candidly, a lot of work on myself.

I spent years compartmentalizing my emotions; justifying why I made decisions that were at times self-serving; and being so driven to achieve my goals that I frequently missed opportunities to be better.

Through a series of personal and professional realizations I’m seeing myself and the world differently…

…and it feels good!

The list of exciting things happening in this moment are too long to list. Personally I’m in a really good place. Professionally the world is wide open, moving fast, and filled with opportunities. There is even a little side project that has me really fired up!

All of this to say, it’s not all bad…not by a long shot. However integrating my very human struggles into how I think and work and worship and love and live…I hope…makes me a better person.

What’s good in your world? I’d love to know!

Thanks for being here.



Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Dark Moments

“…maturity is knowing that when your mood is down you should not trust the way you see yourself…”

Whoa. This one hit me. 

What is it about life that when we’re in a bit of a dark place our view of ourselves accelerates downward? Is there a natural tendency to go to the negative? Has society conditioned us to self-criticize and complain about how our lives are playing out?

I don’t like the way that feels.

In my professional life, as I suspect in yours, sometimes things don’t go as planned. That can be extremely frustrating. An upset client…a lost account…a colleague who is struggling to get the big picture. You get the point.

In those moments I often feel as if I’ve failed, that triggers my mood sinking, and the way I view myself follows suit.

Enter the Yung Pueblo quote.

So, it sounds pretty simple to just “not trust” that inner voice in our dark moments. However, isn’t that when that voice is the loudest? That makes ignoring all the more difficult. Maybe it’s only me?

Learning to trigger the “don’t trust” response is new for me…and I like the strategy to refocus my thoughts and energy. What works best for you when you’re down?

Thanks for being here.