Monday, September 19, 2022



I thrive on it. I seem to have an endless supply of it, and simultaneously a ravenous appetite for more. Candidly, I sometimes feel that if I’m not in motion I am going to go crazy. Literally.

How is it that at this stage of my journey…I’m 55…that I rarely run out of energy? I’m not bragging here, in fact, the drive to keep moving, training, working out, moving some more can at times be a burden.

Yet here I am…going full speed again today.

There is also a restlessness that comes with it. A sense that I’m not accomplishing enough, not performing at a high enough level, not delivering in the best way possible. So, the energy level raises again and I go harder.

“Energy is what gets things done.” - Joula Thieves

There is more to this story though. That surge of energy that always seems to be flowing in me has powered my professional relationships for years. 

Energy attracts people. 

Energy inspires people to follow. 

Energy can also overwhelm the quiet, reserved thinkers who can’t quite get their message out (even when their message is a good one.)

Energy usually wins…or, at least I think it does.

I have much more to say about energy…that will happen later this year. For now, tell me about the role energy plays in your life?

Thanks for being here.



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