Monday, December 19, 2022

There’s More Inside of Me Than Skin and Bones

Leadership is made up of our whole self, not just the work version we let everyone see. So, what’s inside of you?

What drives you forward?

What drives you crazy?

What brings you joy professionally?

What brings you joy personally?

What are the hard questions you don’t want to ask yourself?

What are the answers you avoid?

Who matters most right now?

Who mattered the most along the way?

What does tomorrow look like?

What needs to happen now so tomorrow will be what you really want?

What are you grateful for in 2022?

What are you dreaming about for 2023?

Thanks for being here.




Monday, December 12, 2022

Time to Change Your Leadership Style

The fear of being a contemporary leader is real. Think about it…so many leaders out there rose through the ranks based on conservative decision-making, risk-averse strategies, and above all else not adopting anything new until it was so safe that it actually wasn’t ‘new’ any longer.

How does that approach reconcile with the post-pandemic world of work? Well, it doesn’t. 

Stale approaches from yesteryear (think 2019) seem much older and outdated than they actually are. That’s a difficult concept to wrap our heads around. How could so much have changed so rapidly? And without our approval no less!

So what will it take to move to the next level? How can you move from your safe, and candidly not all that inspiring mindset, to that of a charismatic modern leader? How will you rewire your brain to literally think and act differently? It can be done!

The first step is actually the hardest. Decide. 

It sounds simple enough; and you and I know it is far harder than one word because what follows is really difficult. You have to deliver on your commitment to shed outdated (and comfortable) approaches to leading people. 

It will be scary. You will stumble…and then get better. It will be new. It will be unchartered waters for you.

And it will transform your effectiveness as a leader.

Are you ready to make the decision? Let’s chat any time to explore what it means for you.

Thanks for being here.


Monday, December 5, 2022

Don’t Be Ashamed of Your Passions in Life

I spend a lot of time thinking and writing about effective leadership. A big part of that message is centered around authenticity. Part of that authentic message needs to include our whole self, not just who we are in the workplace.

We all have other passions in life, and for much of my career I’ve been told to clearly separate my work life from my personal life.

Friends, if that isn’t the biggest line of BS, then I’m missing something.

How in the world can we preach authenticity, and not share (at least a part) of who we are away from work?

Can we preach transparency, candor, and openness and not share anything about who we are when we’re not on the clock? Work is but a small part of who I am. It does not define me as a person; rather, it tells you about my career path. 

Over the years I’ve grown more comfortable sharing different parts of my life, particularly on the many social channels I use to help people get to know me better. 

For example, I have a passion for heavy metal music. Despite the criticism (sometimes significant) I am not ashamed or embarrassed. For me, the energy of metal music can not be matched in intensity or skill. 

I’m also passionate about fitness, and more specifically working with my personal trainer. Sharing that content is not about some sort of macho ego trip. It’s actually part of my self-talk machine to stay motivated, keep pushing myself, and maybe inspire someone else in their mid-fifties that they can train hard too.

Lastly, I’m deeply passionate about my faith. I’m a lifelong United Methodist, and despite the current challenges of the global denomination, my local church matches my values of total inclusion for all people, all colors, all sexual orientations, all faiths.

Do I share too much? Maybe.

Do I care? No. How can I be an effective leader if I hide so much of what matters to me?

What are your passions? I’d love to hear what completes you.

Thanks for being here.