Monday, July 8, 2024


I’ve finally jumped into the world of journaling after several stops and starts over the years. Some entries are long and vulnerable…others are brief snippets of an otherwise uneventful day. What I’ve found, and what I’m sure many of you have long since discovered, is that the simple act of journaling (which I do digitally by the way) is quite powerful.

It’s as if the journal has become a therapist of sorts. Odd, yes. And I did’t quite understand what was happening at first. Yet now I see that the ‘conversation’ I have with myself allows for both perspective and insight that in the moment are not readily available.

I don’t follow a system, or use daily prompts (“What am I grateful for today?”). Those feel a bit artificial. I’m allowing myself to simply write what strikes me in the moment. Which makes for interesting reading later on. Why did I say that? Why was I so worked up about that issue? How can I anticipate that surge of emotions coming on in the future and react differently?

For many of you I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m so late to the journaling party. Perhaps for others, this can serve as an invitation to explore how this simple new part of your day can be quite a powerful act of self-care.

Thanks for being here.



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