Monday, November 7, 2011

Killswitch Engage...Your Job

“Things don’t feel quite right in this job.  It’s not that the people are bad, aren’t committed to doing good work, or are disengaged.  But there’s something missing…it’s hard to describe.  I get along with my colleagues, but somehow I don’t think I fit here anymore.”

Have you ever felt this way? It can be a lonely and scary place, particularly in an economy as tight as this one.  But what should you do? Maybe the time is right to begin looking for something new?  It’s almost an impossible topic considering the staggering unemployment rate right now though, isn't it?

“…somehow I don’t think I fit here anymore…”  That voice keeps pushing you.

Hopeless to Hopeful
Before you hit the kill switch on your current position, invest the time and develop a search strategy.  There are great resources available to help you make good decisions, not hurried or emotional ones. Simply because you happen to be in a difficult spot right now doesn’t mean you’ll be there forever.  In fact, it can be quite empowering to make the decision to leave a position that simply is not satisfying at all.  I know, because I’ve been there.

Burning Bridges Are Difficult to Cross
I recently interviewed someone who is frustrated in his current position.  He’s bright, motivated and eager to be in an environment that has hacked up traditional HR.  But he went out of his way to avoid criticizing his current employer.  Instead, he expressed his enthusiasm for the opportunity that exists in moving out of his current role versus tearing down his employer.  Big difference - and one that did not go unnoticed.

How About You
Are you feeling like you are the “bad fit” at work?  It’s okay.  Take control of your life, form a plan, and move ahead. Nothing lasts forever, including the nagging feeling you’re experiencing right now.  Let me know if I can help.

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

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