Monday, March 5, 2012

Victim of Changes (I'm Talking to You HR)

It’s funny how things change. If we haven’t seen someone in a long time we quickly notice if they look healthier or older when we run into them. At work we notice when laws change and we have to make adjustments in our professional practice to accommodate the new rules. What isn’t so obvious however is when the way we work changes. HR has done a massive amount of changing in that regard lately…were you paying attention?

Social HR = HR
Now that I recognize the power of integrating social media into my professional HR practice I candidly could not imagine living in the risk averse cocoon where I and so many of my colleagues used to find shelter. Have charismatic and bold leaders hidden behind what’s “safe” to create new ideas, technologies, leadership practices or business breakthroughs? No. But good ‘ol Human Resources far too often plods along citing this law or that policy and quietly explains that “we can’t do it that way.”

I simply grew tired of being “that guy” and decided to open my eyes and pay attention to what was happening around me. What I found was a world that was more connected than ever. A world that shared more cutting-edge business approaches than ever. A world that empowered me to push myself and my team into new areas that never would have been considered only a short time ago.

How About You
Laws keep changing. Regulations keep changing. We’re used to that…heck, those even changed back when we were called Personnel. Are you keeping up with all of these changes?  Don’t play the victim. Step up to where HR has gone and start contributing today.

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

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