Thursday, June 6, 2013

I've Got Your Back

Has anyone ever said that to you? "Don't worry, I've got your back." If you've been fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of that message you know how reassuring it can be. Typically that phrase isn't said when sales targets are being hit, margins are strong, and volumes are above budget. No, this message is usually delivered during times of conflict, high pressure, and a whole quarterly earnings report worth of stress.

"Don't worry...I've got your back."

Stormy Times
Its been said that we are either entering a storm, going through a storm, or we've just come out of one. While that may sound a bit depressing, it does speak to the reality of the world of work: changes, expectations, and pressure are constants in our lives.

"How we support each other is what brings a measure of calm to the chaos of the storm."

Think about the storms your team members, colleagues and employees are dealing with right now. Is someone sinking below the proverbial waterline and needs to know you are there for them?

Is a peer pushing hard to address long-standing organizational problems and could use some additional support?

Are your team members on the front line having to deal with an usually high work load right now and would greatly appreciate it if you let them know you were aware of their burden?

"Don't worry...I've got your back."

Thinking vs Saying
One of the missed opportunities in our work lives is to move beyond assumptions and say what is on our mind. Far too often I've heard (and said), "she knows she has my support." Really? Does she (or he) know they have my support? Have I been thinking about providing support more than I've been showing it?

What about in your world? Do your peers, colleagues, and staff know that they have your support? Since I rarely hear employees complain that they "get too much support at work" its probably safe for each of us to actually utter the words from time to time. Right?

How About You
When was the last time someone told you they had your back? Did it feel good? Did you feel like you could keep moving forward even if the road ahead was looking a bit treacherous? Think about how much those around you will benefit from hearing you say those words too. I'm guessing you won't hear any complaints.

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.


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