Monday, September 8, 2014

Campfires and Bonfires

I love new ideas that push me and my team. Sometimes the ideas don't work out so well; and other times they are more successful than expected. What is exciting for me though is that we're taking the risks

It's as if we have our own little campfires that sometimes grow a little bigger, and sometimes they don't have enough fuel and they die out.

Your Campfires
What new ideas, approaches, or strategies have you been thinking about? You and I may share the same vision. In the world of work we will each end up building our own little campfire and hope they start to burn. 

The problem with campfires is they are small, are a combination of luck, good weather, plenty of kindling, and hopefully a patient fire-starter. There are many factors that can put our campfires out before they have a chance to grow.

Our Bonfires
Imagine an environment where our small campfires are joined together? 

Suddenly the level of energy jumps, and the blaze is roaring. Imagine that same level of energy in our work? 

One of the most powerful ways to build our collective bonfires is to connect with each other. 

That may sound obvious, but consider how effective you've been in the past when you worked with someone else on a problem, team, or project.

Stepping outside your comfort zone to ask for help, get others opinions, and share your knowledge and expertise (yes, you have expertise) can create a  powerful result.

How About You
What are you going to do to move past your little campfire and build your ideas into a blazing success? Isn't it time to reach out, be humble, and add your insight to make a difference? You can do it.

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.


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