Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Crash and Burn Leadership

Wait, what?

We're leaders. We don't have time for anything ever, let alone ourselves, right? 

We care for others!
We care for our teams!
We care for our CEOs!
We care for the employees!

We...crash and burn. That's what we do.

We crash. 

Give Give Give
What is it about being a dedicated leader that makes us all feel like we're supposed to work ourselves into oblivion? I mean, seriously...sometimes over the years I've pushed myself beyond what would be a reasonable limit.

And for what? How many of us were recognized for arriving at 6:00am everyday? I know the answer.

None of us.

But, wait a minute. Those early hours, late nights, and weekends diving into that task list paid off for us! We were on top of our workload...connected with everybody...and executed on time, every time.

But at what cost?

Self Care is Beast Mode
For those of you that believe self-care is a soft cop out I have news for you.

"There is no glory in pushing yourself so hard 
chasing an imagined super-hero image 
that you have nothing left to give. 
You've simply failed."

The real "A-players" of leadership focus on a lot more than their Inbox and task list. Here are a few things that make it to the top of their priority list:
- spending time listening to the employees
- exercising
- intentionally slowing down
- reading
- eating (reasonably) healthy
- meditating or praying
- networking for the sake of connecting, not for pure professional gain
- reading (a real book or a digital one)
- taking time off

...and you can continue to add to the list...

How About You
Do you matter enough to your organization, your team, your family and to yourself to go all beasty with your own self-care? It's not going's actually stepping up in a profound and impactful way.

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.


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