Monday, February 13, 2023

These Things

I don’t know about you, but it sure feels as if 2023 is trying to make up for a a couple of lost years during the pandemic. Everything seems to be coming at me faster and with more intensity than ever before.

More pressure.

More expectations.

More people relying on me.

As I do a bit of a new year reset, I’ve identified a few things that will be important to my success this year and beyond. 

1. Think holistically about my time. Not work time vs. personal time. It’s all just…time. This now affords me the flexibility to integrate everything I’m responsible for into all sorts of non-traditional time slots. Work needs to get done…but assuming ‘normal business hours’ are when the majority of it needs to be completed makes no sense any longer.

2. Stop doing meaningless tasks that don’t move my business or life forward. My life is quite layered in 2023, and I need to be focused exclusively on high impact issues. My to-do list is so full of low impact tasks it’s embarrassing. This means as I simply drop the small stuff others might believe I’m not getting my work done, when in fact, I’m focusing on the big stuff only from now on.

3. Bring energy constantly. I’ve written about my energy level in the past, and as my new projects add up it will be that bolt of energy that makes a huge difference.

There’s a phrase about the little things mean the most, except for me, focusing on the big things is going to be the only thing. What are you focusing on this year?

Thanks for being here.



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