Monday, June 19, 2023

Return to Office = A Compliance Power Play

Just in case employers haven’t noticed, the ENTIRE world of work has shifted post-pandemic. Productivity, innovation and collaboration remained high, while employees enjoyed the benefits of working from home, fewer or no commutes, and a sense that their personal needs were actively supported by their employers.

Until the ‘new’ trend of returning to a command and control management style reappeared.

Really? Have we learned nothing since 2020? 

Trust. This elusive goal that you might have had for your culture quickly evaporated when the “return to the office” memo was released. 

Gone in an instant.

The good news for your competitors however is that there will be a fantastic group of talented professionals on the job hunt who I’m quite sure will be hired faster than you can say “we made an error in judgment.”

Am I being a bit harsh today? I don’t think so. 

In my opinion a blanket “return to the office mandate” is such a big misstep that a strong leadership voice needs to offer a reality-check to this corporate blind spot.

Where are you on return to work?

Thanks for being here.



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