Monday, July 17, 2023

Checking In

About a year ago I was thinking about my struggles, my imposter syndrome voice that creeps in every once in a while, those around me that are probably experiencing the same self-doubt, or are generally going through episodes of struggle themselves.

I decided to do something about it, and started reaching out to check in on friends, colleagues, and in many cases people I haven’t met yet but have gotten to know through various social channels.

The goal was to reach out to at least one person each day, though I’ll admit I haven’t gone a full month yet intentionally checking in on someone consistently. However, I log my check ins as a sort of private accountability tracker, and it’s amazing to see how many times I’ve connected.

So despite the fact that I’ve failed to hit a daily goal, I have succeeded in connecting with many more people who wouldn’t have heard from me otherwise.

Some are going through public challenges. Others are struggling with very private issues that I happen to be aware of. Still others have shared subtle cues on their social networks which I’ve taken the risk to inquire about…and the flood of emotion comes out.

This process that I now hold close has given me far more than I believe I’ve done for others. For me, it is a way to live my faith without pressuring anyone about religion. It’s a way to take action instead of seeing one more “if only someone had reached out” posts. And most of all, isn’t that what friends and colleagues are supposed to do?

Who are you going to check in with today?

Thanks for being here.



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