Monday, August 28, 2023

Which Leaders Influenced You?

Leadership can at times be a heavy burden. At least it feels that way for me. The pressure to not only meet budgets, drive revenue, be creative, take risks, etc. are enough for any sane person to question their career choices.

The extra challenge of ensuring that you deliver for your employees is a whole new level of pressure. They depend on us to have a vision, drive new business opportunities, and grow the organization. They are literally counting on us for their livelihood.

That’s a lot.

When that all feels a bit too much for me I turn to those who have inspired me on my journey. Some of these leaders I’ve had close personal relationships with; others I’ve only studied and admired from afar.

Those role models are important. To assume we can simply figure everything out on our own is ludicrous, and is a sure-fire way to toss your credibility out the window.

“Beware the leader that believes he or she has all the answers”

Tell me about the leaders who influenced your development as a leader? Who were they, and what made them so important in your journey?

Perhaps most importantly, how have you tried to bring those important traits into your leadership style? Admiring other leaders is one thing, integrating their strengths into how you grow in your leadership practice is very different.

Oh, and here’s a quick peek at several of my most important role models: my Father, Reverend Gary Kuhns; The Reverend Dietrich Bonhoeffer; The Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.

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