Monday, December 11, 2023

Mental Health, Physical Fitness, and Managing it All

The digital world is an interesting place. It has the power to manipulate reality, hide dark truths, or at a minimum embellish our real lives enough to give the impression that all is well, all the time.

That’s not exactly how it goes for me. Sure, I like to share some of the volunteer work I do away from the office, and of course post food pics. Those are fun and well intended.

There are other things I share however that carry much more meaning than simply posting my latest workout or pumped up pic. Yes, physical fitness is important to me; but the pictures I post are not meant to serve as some sort of cheesy ‘look at me’ thirst play.

A few years ago I started working with a trainer to help maximize my time in the gym. What I soon discovered in addition to getting a heck of a lot stronger, was that my mental health seemed to benefit more than my physical health did.

Sharing workout pics has become something different now. They are a reminder…to me…that prioritizing my mental health should come first. 

They come before the never ending task list, meaningless emails, or pressure to “be available for everyone, every minute, of every day.” A few minutes of time for me means I actually do have the strength to handle all of those other parts of my life.

What have you learned about your mental health and how to take care of yourself?

Thanks for being here.



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