Monday, November 29, 2010


We have the answers.  Employees, Managers, Executives, and even our CEOs come to us to talk strategy on complex matters.  We must be good.  No, we must be great.  Why else would so many people seek us out to solve the most frustrating issues in the workplace?


As if the flood of those seeking advice isn't enough, we are also empowered to take action.  Action that can result in a legal quagmire.  Wow, we must not only be great, but important too!  With so much attention focused on us, (read here -> on me), it is easy to become arrogant in our leadership.  Could there be a risk?  Could we become so full of ourselves that we cross the line from experienced professional to arrogant know-it-all?  Do we all need to stop and look over our shoulder to see if that line is now behind us?


This is a difficult question to answer.  Why?  Because we get paid to make judgements about others decisions and behaviors.  Doesn't that almost guarantee we will have some degree of arrogance?  Perhaps taking Gary Ray's quiz from his recent blog post will help us sort through our own failings.  Or, perhaps we won't recognize where we come up short and need to take a long look in the mirror (read here -> me again.)

Jeffrey Pfeffer's piece in the Washington Post on The Arrogance of Power offers a glimmer of hope.  He speaks of the sheltered world many leaders find themselves in as they rise through the ranks of their organizations.  The problem is that they become too far removed from their employees, their customers, their organizations.  The solution is not anything we don't already know - get out of your office and connect with real people.  Get away from those "yes-men and women" in your life and get back to basics.

Be visible.  Be humble.  Hold yourself accountable to be better everyday.


Do you think you have ever crossed the "arrogance line?"  Or, did you not even notice that "line" as you raced on by with the "right" answer.  For me, it's a daily struggle.  What about for you?

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

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