Monday, January 23, 2012

What The Hell Was That?

Have you ever been caught off guard? I don't mean a little surprise, I'm talking holy moly type of caught off guard. We all have a list of examples from our personal lives: trips to the Emergency Room, slips and falls, fender bender accidents, etc. Those can be a little scary....sometimes they can be a lot scary.

But what happens when you're caught off guard at work?

Is Preparation Possible?
We all like to believe we can stay calm, cool and collected in times of crisis. In fact, sometimes bigger issues are easier to deal with than those small annoyances that seem to never get resolved. But is it possible to prepare for those unexpected events that leave us somewhat speechless? I don't believe the concept of appropriate preparation is the right question because no matter how well we believe we've prepared for the unexpected; by definition if we're truly caught off guard we've failed in our planning.

Reaction v. Preparation
I have long believed that our employees are constantly watching us as leaders. Our behavior, dress, language, demeanor, and work ethic are all fair game for discussion, criticism and hopefully support. In those moments when we are truly surprised, even shocked, it is our initial reaction that is most important.

Once we've had an opportunity to pull our resources together and formulate a plan we usually feel confident that we're doing the right things. But when the proverbial bomb is dropped into the middle of the organization its the most effective leaders that will manage in a way that supports every customer group, particularly the employees.

How About You
How do you react when shocking news hits your organization? Do you run and hide...drop an f-bomb...or connect with your team to let them know it's okay? We have plenty of options; which ones do you like best?

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

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