Monday, March 18, 2013

Camelot and Changes

Leaders come and go in every organization. Sometimes there is great excitement when a new dynamic personality joins the team. Other times a melancholy feeling is present when we bid farewell to colleagues we've worked with for extended periods of time. Either way, the process of moving from what we are accustomed to, and into a new routine can be unsettling.

Will the new person live up to the hype surrounding their arrival? What will happen when that friend and colleague is no longer around to answer that oddball question that comes up from time to time? Who is going to step up and show a new level of leadership? Can't things just stay as they are?

Time Was Short
A number of years ago I was blessed to be a part of a very close knit senior leadership team. We relied heavily on each other in good times and bad. When the pressure was really on we looked forward to meeting as a team to figure out the best options. When times were good we wanted to share in those moments with each other too.

It was a sort of Corporate Camelot and we knew it...and that's exactly what we called it, Camelot. We also knew it wouldn't last forever, so we tried to appreciate our time together a bit more than "normal." Maybe that allowed us to work more effectively since we knew our team's life would be short-lived as promotions soon started peeling us away.

Letting Go
When I look back on that time and invariably compare it to wherever I happen to be at the moment, one thing becomes abundantly clear. Although nostalgia may cloud my perspective on that ideal team, I do realize that every assignment where I'm fortunate enough to serve in a leadership capacity can be a new Corporate Camelot. 

Building a high performing team, connecting with colleagues on a deeper level than the routine standing-meeting-list-of-updates, and confronting deep-seated organizational issues is extremely rewarding work. Clinging to days gone by however, only drives a wedge into the current team which means I have disengaged from committing to being All In.

How Bout You
Do you see the amazing potential all around when you walk in to work each day? Or, are you caught up spending much of your day wishing for yesteryear to return. I wonder what your team hopes you're thinking about?

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

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