Thursday, August 13, 2015

How Did I Do That?

I get asked a lot about using social media in my work. How did I get started? How do I find the time? How did I know it would make such a difference for the company? How did I deal with the criticism from the old school leaders who are out of touch?

Lots of ‘how’ questions. Today I’ll offer some brief answers.

How Did I Get Started?
Six years ago I was privileged to move into a VP of HR role at an organization filled with great people, but one that had not made any moves into the contemporary talent acquisition space. I hadn’t either.

With mounting vacancies across the organization and a non-existent national employer brand, something had to change. I decided I needed to learn social media tools and bring them to life with the human resources team.

Stop worrying about starting, just get started.

How Do I Find the Time?
For years I preached the gospel of work-life balance…and for years I struggled mightily with work-life balance! The more I understood about being a leader, the more I realized there is only one thing: life balance. Today I integrate my work life, personal life, and digital life into one continuous flow. 

Stop worrying about time, just get started.

How Did I Know It Would Make a Difference?
As a healthcare executive I looked around and found that not many of my peers were using social media personally or professionally (read here —> almost no one.) As I looked outside my industry I saw a flood of successes. I also paid attention to…well…all of society! Why was…(and still is)…healthcare so far behind? It didn’t matter…the data was clear, and I went full speed into social media.

Stop worrying about changing the world, just get started.

How Did I Deal with the Criticism?
When I started to experiment with social tools, those around me (not my team in HR) found it ‘easy’ to poke fun. There was often an undertone of jealousy (and over compensating in my view) because although those folks were incredibly smart, they had simply been left behind. The world of work had roared past them and they did not have the courage to keep up.

Stop worrying about criticism, just get started.

How About You
As you muster up the courage to lead the way, simply focus on one important thing: you! You can take your career to a whole new level. You can bring your organization to a whole new level too.

You, can make a real difference!

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses. 


  1. I got started. I had planned to start, but I was hesitant. Then we met and you made it seem like fun. It wasn't about posting for statistics, followers, or likes. Rather you post because you like what you're writing about.

    1. You're doing a great job Melissa! Remember...there are no rules!

  2. There were some kindred souls who connected in philosophy and helped facilitate implementation. We were of like minds and just tried many strategies. Thanks for being a pioneer and paving a path. It does help to have a leader who lives and breathes it. Thanks.

    1. You and I were a great team Darrell! Good stuff ahead!!