Saturday, August 1, 2015

I've Been Led Astray

It's funny how our lives develop over time. Sometimes we get caught up in the culture of organizations as if they represent all of society. Or we shift our energies into specific people who end up becoming the filter through which we see the world around us. Maybe we convince ourselves we're supposed to be 'something in particular' that in turn impacts our behavior.

Most of the time we don't realize it's happening, because the flow of our lives naturally finds these paths, people, and ways of thinking.

Being Led
Do we invest the time to evaluate where we are on our journey? Is the crush of deadlines, political posturing and the VIPs in our lives taking over? When you add the required hustle of career, family, performance and pressure to be perfect do we feel lost? Oh yes, and we need to remember to have fun with our work too (which I do!) With so much happening should we ask ourselves if we've lost sight of...well...ourselves?

Taking a few moments to validate which path we're on is a worthwhile timeout. Are we being led? If so, are we cool with that or is the corporate/personal/societal pressure we're feeling moving us down a path that doesn't make sense any longer?

Lead the Way
It's time to focus. The need to get completely organized (at least for me) is essential if we are going to determine what is best. I'm quite sure I don't have the all answers, but I do know that without critically evaluating how we're living our lives we will never be able to determine if we're on the right path.

Organization for me is one of the keys to solving this riddle. When life is moving so fast and the challenges are coming from all angles, there is no time (or tolerance) for being flustered and overwhelmed. Life keeps pushing...people keep pushing...which means we must be able to respond in the moment. We no longer have a choice because the rules of life have changed, and we need to be strong enough to play by them.

How About You
It's time to give yourself the freedom to decide whether all of the issues in your world align with who you are as a person, as a leader, and as a difference-maker. Is something or someone standing in the way of where you should be? If so, what are you going to do about it?

Life is about choices. Let's make some good ones and lead the way.

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.


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