Wednesday, September 16, 2015


I've entered a whole new phase in my career. It's not just that I moved from a good job to an even cooler one, it's about how I work. I still have a long task list...I still attend meetings (although not nearly as many as I used to)...and most importantly I still have to deliver results.

Except it's different now.

My company is growing at an incredibly fast rate. We are adding new clients, and supporting existing ones that are expanding so rapidly we feel like the world of work has become a non-stop sprint. These are good problems to have!

But something happens when the expectations to deliver big results continue to build.

Big results mean making an impact. It means a mindset shift from "working on it" to "doing it." Delivering for clients (whether they are internal or external) in a rapid growth environment means pushing yourself differently.

I'm not talking about being busy. We're all busy...and we all know the person who spends so much time talking about how busy they are that we wonder if they actually do any work, or just want to announce to everyone that they are busy.

Leaders don't do that by the way. At least the legit ones don't.

There's another important piece to how my work needs to get done. Put simply, it needs to get done now. When I hear leaders say "they'll take a look at that" or "we'll pull a team together and start a dialogue around that topic" I want to throw up.

There is no time. Results matter now. Over thinking, over-planning, and over-obsessing about making everything perfect is a complete and total waste of time. Leaders that want to look perfect end up failing miserably because perfection is a fantasy. It is not attainable. 

What is attainable is progress...momentum...getting started...

...and for God's sake making decisions.

How About You
Are you waiting for the perfect time to make the absolutely right decision? Guess what, you all ready missed it. It's time to Be relentless and don't apologize for it. Get moving, make a decision, and push yourself. 


I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.



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  2. True, True, True...that is my comment...hell I shouldn't be commenting because my client is expecting candidates right now :)...Seriously, I just had this exact conversation with my boss, we "talk" too much sometimes..Time is of the essence...there are too many times you just need to GO..Well said Jay!!! Now go!

  3. Getting results is the reason we saddle up everyday!