Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New You? No Chance, Right?

This is not a New Year's resolutions post. Here's why...I don't think you're going to keep any of yours. January 1st has nothing to do with changing your life.

I'd rather talk about a hardcore commitment story. It's about someone who struggled with weight, self-control, their career, and self-esteem.

Until that someone decided to completely commit to a new life.

Early Excuses
In the beginning it wasn't hard to justify the behavior. When you're young you can bounce back from bad food choices, lack of exercise, and being undisciplined at work. The excuses come easy, and there is always 'plenty of time' to get back on track.

Along with the excuses came professional highs and low, and a waist line that seemed to follow. At some points reasonably fit...and at others...well...not so much.

Manic Excuses
As the realities of getting a bit older set in, the hyper-focus on fitness took control (in a bad way.) The workouts, without regard for injury or fatigue, became the norm. So did the pain from overuse injuries. Again and again and again.

As the self-esteem went down...the weight went back up.

Surely this must be bad luck! Or life's cruel twist? But there was more to come. 

One day, most unexpectedly, a phone call came through describing a dire situation. Not soon after, the Father was gone at 61. This was a devastating loss which sent this cycle into overdrive. Food, excuses, training, injury, low self-esteem.


How About You
I'm happy to report this person is doing extremely well today. A complete and total commitment to a new way of living was not just necessary, but required.

The focus on eating clean, training hard, a disciplined approach to work, and respecting the limits of what one's body can handle (usually) are now part of a consistent and high energy approach to life.

In short, I'm doing better than I have in years.

So, as you look forward, regardless of the date on the calendar, I hope you too will find the balance, discipline, and drive to dominate every part of your life. I believe in myself now...and I believe in you too.

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.


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