Monday, April 25, 2011

Do You Stop and Think?

I work in an amazing organization.  We treat children as both inpatients and outpatients.  Thousands of them every year.  My particular building has several outpatient therapy programs, so I have the privilege of seeing kids come and go throughout the day.

Recently I was leaving the office a bit later than I normally do and was hustling through the lobby when a young boy noticed me in my suit and smiled.  I stopped, smiled back and he asked,

"Are you the Mayor of the Therapy Center?"

I smiled...his Mom laughed, and he made my whole week much, much brighter.

Sometimes in all the chaos of our own "stuff" we forget that there are so many others less fortunate than we are.  I'm going to try and remember that a little more each day.  

What makes you stop and think?

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

pic is not a patient, but is courtesy of Bridal


  1. I love when stuff like that happens. Not only does it brighten your day (or in this case evening) but it shows the embodiment of the mission, vision, and values of the organization.

  2. Indeed. It's the small things that get us through the week. I don't work much with the "public," but it is great to see our internal customers (meaning employees) use the tools we build, and be happy to have them. I like knowing we've made someone's life a little easier.

  3. Sweet! And how nice to see kids in the workplace.

  4. What a great story. I know for me it took my own illness before I ever realized exactly how lucky I am. I saw a lot of young sick kids and a lot of young sick parents. It changed me forever, and I am grateful for that. Thanks for the story... and Mayor Kuhns does have a nice ring to it!

  5. That's a great story!
    My son got sick at school one day and I brought him to work with me after I picked him up. I plopped him in the conference room near my office with snacks and played dvds on the projector screen. Our owner brings his dog to work with him and one of our VPs keeps a cat in his office. They let him play with the animals. One co-worker keeps fish and let him watch & feed them. Another co-worker gave him some old freebies from marketing -- a couple of cars and stress balls and teddy bears. My son came home with his souvenirs and told everyone about how cool my job was. It reminded me how cool my job was, too.

  6. John, Dwane, Laura, Jeffrey and Buzz - Many thanks for sharing your perspectives! It's amazing to me how many of us are touched by these brief, yet powerful interactions. Your stories are great reminders of how important it is to remember these things everyday.

  7. great post Jay- A smile from someone who is sick or unwell always makes me think and be thankful