Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Only Corporate Strategy That Matters

I think I've said the word culture 1,000 times in the last twelve months. I'm not kidding. It's such an important part of every organization that I'm surprised more companies aren't doing something about it.

I realize there are lots of executives talking about culture, but it is rare when they execute on a culture strategy. However, talk is cheap and we've all built up a tolerance for the corporate values messaging that bombards us at every turn.

"Seriously, has anyone ever heard a company espouse their commitment to providing crappy customer service with their team of pathetic employees?"

So what is the opportunity to differentiate your company from the competition if you truly have a culture that is unique, and dare I say different from others in your industry?

Money Talks
Start with investing in it. It is easy to determine where an organization's priorities are simply by checking their financials. Are culture, brand, and developing a revolutionary talent strategy high on that priority list? If so, the results will blow away the competition.

Talent is code for people. Culture is code for people. Brand is code for people. Success is achieved by people. Are you with me?

That's how commitment works. That's how execution works. That's how success is realized in the modern world. It's the people that make the difference and make the values proposition come to life.

How About You
If you're tired of talking about culture and want to differentiate your organization's commitment to culture, check out this site. Then go, lead the way in your own company and make a real difference.

I'd love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

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  1. I think sometimes we discuss culture in isolation from the people and fail to communicate with them about defining it together. Managers are often unaware of employees' views and problems, which leaves the workers feeling disengaged. You are definitely right that working on the culture requires commitment, also financial, especially investing in the right tools and technologies which can bring people in the organisation together.